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*HCT HOTCHIP TECHNOLOGY : 36/2 Railway Parade (Corner of Queen St) Lidcombe NSW 2141
*TEL: 02 9649 2282 - FAX : 02 9649 3224 - ( Click on Hotchip location Map above for FULL details )
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 ARION Satellite Receivers

 CI Cams (Irdeto - Aston)

 Dishes-Dish Kits(Ku-Band) & Moteck Positioner

 HOTCHIP Digital SET-TOP receivers

 KAON Digital SET-TOP Receivers

 KAON Satellite Receivers

 LNBF's (11300-10700-Universal)

 Mounting Brackets

 NANOSAT Satellite Receivers

 OPENTEL Digital SET-TOP receivers

 OPENTEL Satellite Receivers

 RAYSAT SR1000 (Live Satellite in Motion)

 RG6 Cable, Connectors, Wallplates & Tools

 Splitters,Switches,Di-Plexors and Amplifiers

 XTREME Satellite Receivers



NanoSat Receiver with PVR Functions

NanoSat NS-S3 Satellite Receiver 

A quality Korean made unit with a sensitive tuner and is easy to setup and operate. It has a card slot Suitable for FTA, PayTV and Aurora systems

Price: $70.00

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Watch Live Satellite In Moving Vehicle(Auto Track)

RAYSAT SR1000 ( Live Satellite In Motion) 

View *PAYTV,*VAST,*AURORA and*FTA (Free To Air)satellite channels while the vehicle is in motion or stationary. (Automatic Satellite Antenna Dish)

Price: $4495.00

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XTREME Decoder Range
Xtreme XSC-520H (CI-With No HDD or Cam) $190.00
Xtreme XSC-520H (CI & Irdeto cam-No HDD) $290.00
Xtreme XSC-520H_PVR (FTA Unit) $380.00
Xtreme XTSC-520 Satellite & Terrestrial Receiver $300.00
Kaon OR Xtreme spare remote $35.00
Kaon KTF-200 Early Model spare remote $25.00

Other Satellite Receiver Models
Opentel ODS-4000IR (Embedded Irdeto Cam) $130.00
Kaon KSF-200 (Free To Air) Satellite Receiver $100.00
Xtreme XSC-520H_PVR (With Irdeto Cam) $480.00
Xtreme XTSC-520 (With Irdeto Cam) $400.00
Optus Aurora card $90.00

Dish Kits - Mounts & Moteck Positioner
65cm Dish Kit for C1 , Pas8 etc $80.00
65cm Dish with 10700MHz Lnbf $65.00
85cm Dish with Universal Lnbf $75.00
Gutter Mounting Bracket (Heavy Duty) $40.00
Universal Large Mounting Bracket $25.00
85cm Dish Kit for C1 , Pas2 , Pas8 , Intelsat701 $90.00
Moteck Dish Positioner (SG2100A) $120.00

Accessories and LNBs
LNBF Universal KU-Band $30.00
Aston Cam Version 1.05 $180.00
Aurora Card (Optus) $90.00
Irdeto Cam Softcel Version 2.26B (Purple SCM Cam) $100.00
LNBF Twin Output Universal KU-Band $50.00
LNBF Twin Output 10700Mhz (MTI Ku-Band) $50.00
LNBF 10700 Ku-Band $30.00

Watch/Control devices anywhere! (Monthly Special)

AV Sender 2.4 Ghz 

Send and control your satellite, vcr, vcd, cd units etc in another room without running cable. Eg- watch satellite on your bedroom TV.

Price: $70.00

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Regional access services (ABC,SBS etc) smartcard

Optus Aurora card  

This card is used for regional access services.
It is meant for those whom are located in country areas or are in a poor signal reception area.

Price: $90.00

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Satellite finder-Switches,Di-Plexors & Amplifiers
Multiswitch (2In - 4Out) $65.00
IN - LINE AMPLIFIER 20dB 950 - 2400MHz $25.00
Satellite Finder (Inline strength Meter) $30.00
2-Way Splitter 5-2400Mhz $10.00
4-Way Splitter 5-2400Mhz $20.00
Compass $15.00
Hotchip 500HDMI spare remote control unit $35.00

Aurora card and Spare remotes control units
Topfield TF3000CiPro Spare Remote $35.00
Topfield TF4000PVR Spare Remote $50.00
UEC Spare remote (Works on most models) $35.00
Xtreme XTSC-520 Spare Remote $40.00
Humax Remote Control Unit $35.00
Hotchip ODT-4000HD Spare Remote $35.00
Kaon OR Xtreme spare remote $35.00
Kaon KTF-200 Early Model spare remote $25.00

Hotchip Technology
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